Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cooking in instead of eating out

I've been there before in my life, too busy to cook, too tired after a long day to mess with being in the kitchen and the clean up afterward. The easy solution is take out, fast food, or eating out. The problem is that almost all of those options involve a lot of calories, much of that empty calories. Both myself and my now husband gained a great deal of weight sometime during our graduate studies because we rarely had time for more than eating out.

It wasn't until I started to cook again at home that we both lost weight, me only a few pounds but several clothing sizes, my husband about 30 lbs. We're both much healthier now because of exercise and just as importantly eating better. I've found in the past that the best way to eat lower calorie, lower fat and properly portioned meals is to fix them myself at home.

I spent much of the month of March in between destinations, eating out more than usual because of a lack of food to fix in the house, a lack of instruments to cook with, traveling and eating out while visiting with friends and family. My plans have changed for now, we're trapped between destinations for who knows how long.

But I'd rather not spend several months eating out and gaining the weight that goes along with it. So, the other week me and my husband went to the store and bought food to fix at home. The alternative was that no matter how much we exercise we were going to gain weight and fat. Neither of us wanted to go back there again.

My cookware is still mainly old to be given away, or was once camping out pots. Although we have one new pot and a can opener. Cooking has been an adventure to learn how to not use all the kitchenware I've built up over the past few years. The food though is the same, and I can still throw stuff into a pan and make something not only edible but better for us.

Tonight we had asian stir fry chicken thigh and veggies with rice noodles. A nice portion, low in fat, good veggies and a lot fewer calories than the take out Japanese place down the road, or worse whatever all-you-can-eat Chinese place around. I already have schemes on marinaded pork scallions with a wine reduction and roasted asparagus for tomorrow night.

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