Sunday, April 17, 2011

Few Days Since I've Posted - Finding Time

Not getting off on the greatest foot with posting everyday to this blog. My life right now is stuck in the middle of a big move and thus big changes, and finding time for everything just doesn't always happen. So, I thought finding time would make a good idea for a post.

Life comes with plenty of changes: a move, a new relationship, a new job, a new baby or children, to name a few of the big ones. In the middle of those changes it's hard to keep on top of a healthy diet and exercise. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day, or you're still working out a routine that will allow you to have that time.

While I may not have been posting here for lack of time, I have been keeping up on eating well and exercise. Although perhaps my diet isn't as healthy as I'd like, and perhaps the exercise I've been doing is not completely the type I might always want to do. I suppose most importantly I've had to make the time to keep up with living well. It has to be a priority or it will fall to the bottom of your daily list and not get done.

At the same time, sometimes you have to cut yourself a little slack. Don't be fanatical about needing to workout or eat healthy, especially when your life is in the middle of change. Do the best you can, and keep up as best as you can, and make sure to improve as those big changes become not so big anymore.

I would like to be doing weights exercises. I actually like weights better than aerobics of just about any sort. However, my weights are packed away, not to be in my possession again for possibly a few more months, so I've done some push ups and called it good enough for now. And there have been days when my other tasks to do in a day just don't leave me time to exercise, so I make sure to put exercise into my schedule on other days.

My diet has also likely not been as good as it should be. My cooking means are limited, and after a few days of cooking only at home I get miffed at those limited means. So, yeah, I have opted for eating out a few times when perhaps I shouldn't have if only for lack of food or energy to cook healthy at home.

If I just remember that trying to keep health living in my currently busy life, I should be able to keep healthy enough until I'm again settled in my life.

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