Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Beginning

A New Beginning
The point and reason for this blog is to post a daily thought about health, exercise, diet and healthier living. I've tried in the past to keep a journal about such thoughts, and have decided to turn over a new leaf and do this for real this time.

In keeping with that idea, some thoughts about that new beginning. Throughout most of my graduate studies I was a part-time exerciser. Part of my tuition fees went to maintaining the rather nice student health center at Ohio University. I'd go for weeks or months with no exercise, and then break down and want to use what I was paying for and enter the gym.

Each time that first day and week was difficult. Getting back in the saddle hurt, and just a few minutes into whatever exercise I had picked I'd be regretting the thought of entering the gym at all, but I wouldn't stop. Then, the next day I'd hurt because of the workout, and still drag myself back to the gym again. A few weeks into regular exercise I'd feel better, stronger. But, then life and my studies would get busy again, and I'd convince myself not to go to the gym one day, then another day, and eventually stop exercising for the time being.

All though that I hadn't learned the most important lesson, to just suck it up and stick with exercise for the long term. Starting about 5 years ago, I and my now husband tried to lose weight and get back into shape. Since then I've had very few weeks I haven't done some sort of exercise at least once. Likely the longest I went without exercise in that time was a few weeks following surgery to remove my gallbladder, a good excuse given by doctors.

That doesn't mean I'm a fitness or exercise fanatic. In a bit, I'm planning on doing some outside walking and running with my dog so we can both enjoy the lovely spring weather. Still, I'll hate those first 15 to 20 minutes, and want to stop, take it easy. But I won't, I'll keep going, and by the end of exercising I'll feel better, stronger and healthier. The exercise might not always be the funnest, but me being the healthier person I want to be is worth it.

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